Sports and recreation

Stara Loka and Škofja Loka are excellent starting points for all sports enthusiasts because nature offers something for everyone.

Forests and meadows nearby offer a wide variety of options for relaxing walks and picking forest fruits (mushrooms, chestnuts, blueberries, …) and various herbs, and the flat-mountainous terrain is perfect for all joggers, while hikers can climb one of the peaks of Škofja Loka hills (Lubnik – 1024 m, Blegoš – 1562 m, Stari vrh – 1032 m, Porezen – 1632 m, Križna Gora 680m, …).

There are also ski slopes nearby, which are suitable for beginners and families with childer and also for experienced skiers (Stari vrh – distance 16 km, Krvavec – distance 22 km, Rudno – distance 18 km, Soriška planina – distance 30 km, Cerkno – distance 38 km).

Škofja Loka also offers a number of arranged bike routes of different difficulties. The most famous two are definitely Loška kolesarska pot (Loka bike route), with a total length of 315 km long and the biking route V zavetju Lubnika (In the shelter of Lubnik), which is 44 km long, but of course you can also discover your own route.

Škofja Loka also has two natural climbing areas, on the Kamnitnik, which offers 40 directions (distance 1 km) and in Zminec, which offers 24 directions (distance 5 km), and you can also rent courts for tennis in beach volleyball nearby.

Nearby river Sora, beside swimming in the summer (distance 1 km) also offers fishing within one of the four fishing families.

Events, museums and sites

Škofja Loka and its surroundings offer plenty of cultural, sport, music and other events during the entire year, which additionally complement the happening in the city. The calendar of current events can be seen here, but of course we will notify you about the events during your stay with us.

During your stay you can also visit one of the museums and galleries, or visit other cultural and natural sites in the near and distant surroundings.

Distance to some of the tourist cities

  • Ljubljana: 23 km
  • Kranj: 11 km
  • Bled: 39 km
  • Bohinj: 65 km
  • Kranjska Gora: 70 km
  • Postojna: 70 km
  • Portorož: 137 km
  • Piran: 138 km